For the Temiskaming 2019 Christmas Village to be a success, we need many volunteers.  You are encouraged to contact us to offer your time, your manpower and your joie de vivre. This would be greatly appreciated. Below are some tasks that you might be interested in:

  • Help set up and dismantle the Christmas Village;​

  • Clean the kiosks that will receive the exhibitors;​

  • Help exhibitors set up and dismantle their kiosks;

  • Give exhibitors time off by staying in their kiosk and help sell their products;​

  • Be a firekeeper​;

  • Clean and keep the Rest Area tent and the tables clean for visitors;​

  • Sell 50/50 tickets​;

  • Clean the front and side entrances to exhibitors' kiosks if there is snow;​

  • Drive the mobility vehicle for people with reduced mobility;​

  • Walk around with the canteen cart and offer coffee to exhibitors;​

  • Help with the distribution and collection of costumes;​

  • Take care of the fake furs by spreading them out in the morning on the benches and picking them up in the evening to dry them;​

  • Walk around the site dressed as a New France character who welcomes and informs visitors;​

  • Help with the Friday and Saturday workshops for visitors;

  • Help with equipment at outdoor shows;

  • Be a street guard at the Saint Nicholas Parade.​

Contact us and tell us what task you are interested in. Thank you for your involvement and contribution to the success of The Temiskaming Christmas Village 2019.

Village Noël Témiskaming 2019

November 21-23 

Directions to get to the Village Noël Témiskaming


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